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Our Services



Capital Raising (Debt & Equity)

We provide a range of services to assist clients with the structuring, raising and underwriting of new capital, whether equity or debt.

We boast well-established relationships with institutional and individual investors, both in South Africa and internationally, which enables us to syndicate financing to suit each specific set of circumstances that pertain to each individual deal.

We can advise and assist our clients with placing shares with investors, arranging direct and/ or indirect funding from the debt capital markets, listing equity and equity-linked instruments on the stock exchange and rights offers or issues for cash.

Our Private Equity division facilitates investment of R25 million or more in companies that are unlisted and in high growth sectors (excluding property finance). We also have expertise to facilitate venture capital investment for early-stage, high growth potential companies.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our team has vast experience in executing mergers, acquisitions, BEE deals and Management Buyouts/ins.

For the most part, we provide strategic and technical advice to corporates looking to ensure that deals are completed on a “win” basis where each party remains relatively happy post the closure of the transaction and avoiding protracted litigious processes following “a very likely” post-transaction fallout.

We also advise clients on defending hostile takeover attempts.

We have a long history of assisting clients with improving their BEE compliance through indepth demostration of expertise, structured advice and project management of various compliance interventions.